Nov 15, 2013
Davey Asprey’s ‘Bellerophon’
Davey Asprey - Bellerophon (Original Mix) [Monster Digital]

If there’s one thing Britain can still boast about on the world stage, it’s home-grown musical talent. We’re not just talking about the mainstream, but the “underground” producers, who started off in their bedrooms and were soon sharing stages with the big names–guys who also started off in their bedrooms a decade previously. One such name is Davey Asprey, who grew up in the West Midlands, a region which holds an unlikely yet solid history for British dance music, especially trance. Davey has seen releases on the likes of Monster, Alter Ego and Discover, and now returns to the former with another solid piece of uplifting trance at its finest.

Bellerophon has an unusual name, but a nicely familiar feel. Its rolling basslines, frenetic rhytms, acid lines and plucks all point towards the uplifting style we all know and love. But the truth and individuality lie in a melody, and the one on offer here does the job very nicely. So many tracks fall into the trap of repeating a few chord stabs and letting the rest write itself, yet Davey is a producer who clearly puts a lot effort in to the musical side of a track and this is what makes Bellerophon stand out.

Out now on Monster Digital, Bellerophon flies the flag for the upcoming trance artist who doesn’t just produce, but writes a damn good track first, something that makes Davey Asprey a name to watch.

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