May 05, 2015
Datsik’s ‘Troynado’ Causes Dub-Driven Devastation

Canadian dubstep don Datsik is back, and his latest, the aptly named Troynado, is an onslaught of breaks, wobbles, and yes, even guitar licks.

The newest audial barrage from Datsik–whose real name is Troy Beetles–is from the new Shellshock Legends compilation via Datsik’s own Firepower Records. The track kicks off with an epic, orchestral build, then proceeds to “get medieval” on listeners via Datsik’s traditional break-beat and electro wobble-driven dub sounds. Listen to the whole thing and you’ll also understand why saying that this track “brings home the bacon” makes sense, too.

Grab Datisk’s nasty new track and the rest of the Shellshock Legends compilation on iTunes here.

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