Nov 13, 2013
Datsik Goes Off The ‘Deep End’
Datsik & DKS - Deep End (Original Mix) [Firepower Records]

I played this track for a friend of mine today, and his first reaction was “Dat’s Sick!” You’re damn right it is. The baddest boy in bass, Datsik, returns with Deep End, “some throwbacky riddim type shit I did with my homie DKS from the UK.” Surprise, surprise… it’s hard as f*ck.

Deep End begins with a haunting, bass-charged build, setting the tone immediately for what is to follow–a super-aggressive drop and a galactic ton of fat synths. The build feels cold, like a dark winter’s night alone on a road, and then a firestorm of sound hits you in the face like a 12-gauge shotty; I absolutely love it. If you haven’t heard of DKS, the young Bristol-based producer on the track, don’t worry, you will–he’s dropping this track and a new EP on Datsik’s Firepower Records in December, so look out.

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