Nov 26, 2014
Datsik Gets ‘Down 4 My Ninjas’ With New EP
Datsik feat. Mayor Apeshit - Katana [Firepower]
Datsik feat. DJ Paul K.O.M Of Three 6 Mafia - Get Smashed [Firepower]
Datsik & Twine - When They Drop [Firepower]

The ferociously filthy bass producer known as Datsik is back with the new five-track Down 4 My Ninjas EP, and, as expected, it’s an uncompromising, take-no-prisoners audial onslaught from start to finish.

The EP not only offers up a face-melting array of hard-hitting dubstep cuts, it also serves as an homage to the aggressive “Wu-Tang style” hip hop that has so clearly influenced American bass music. Mayor Apeshit delivers razor-sharp lyrics in Katana, DJ Paul of Three Six Mafia brings his Dirty South attitude to Get Smashed, and hip hop legend KRS-One delivers his distinctive underground swagger to No Requests. Along the way, Datsik delves deep into gangsta rap with the Walt Grizzly collab Astronomical and the closing track When They Drop. Some hardcore “brostep” fans my cry foul at the amount of lyricists to feature on the EP, but the in-your-face bass and disruptive synths should be more than enough to please Datsik’s legion of fans.

Down 4 My Ninjas is available on iTunes now via Datsik’s own Firepower Records.

Datsik is heading out on the Ninja Nation Tour late January with a 100,000-watt system, the famed Vortex 3.0 stage from V Squared Labs, and homies Kennedy Jones, ETC!ETC!, and more. Tickets here, complete dates below (click to enlarge).

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