Feb 10, 2014
Datsik Brings The House Down… Literally

Datsik gave new meaning to countless old performance cliches Feb. 8 after vibrations from his bass-heavy, 50,000-watt set “tore the roof off the place.” In other words, he made the ceiling collapse.

A three-foot section of plaster fell from the roof of the Concord Music Hall in Chicago during his Friday night show, resulting in trips to the hospital for three men who sustained minor injuries. DNAinfo Chicago reports that city officials said the vibrations from the music likely caused the damage.

A fan caught the below video of the initial small piece of plaster falling when the bass hits, followed by a much larger piece, after which the show was cancelled in the early hours of Saturday morning. Police said the men were struck in the upper body by the chunk of third-floor ceiling, but thankfully no injuries were life-threatening. A statement released by the venue said it will remain closed until it can pass a City inspection–we suggest they “inspect” it with more Datsik just to be sure, and beat-blast the rest of the city’s buildings while they’re at it.

Datsik’s Digital Assassins Tour advertises “bone-crushing bass,” but it never said anything about ceilings. What an advert for PK Sound though, huh? Here’s hoping the rest of the venues on the West Coast trip are prepared for such seismic activity.

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