Dec 25, 2010
Dat Stench
Stenchman - Vagitarian Meal (Original Mix) [Nu Labels]
Gucci Mane - Excuse Me (Stenchman's Jewellery Jangle Remix)

After bringing us another album for FREE this past August, masked UK Dubstep sensation Stenchman is back with another round of releases. Proving that he can do more than just the dirtiest, here are two of his more recent tracks. One is a more laid back song with cool wobs in it perfect for ending the night. The other, a remix, comes off as more of a dance thrill-ride. Check them both out–monsters if I say so myself.

First is Vagitarian Meal, one of three tracks off his recent EP Hans Hoist. The Spanish undertones are what completely make this track, although they don’t dominate it. Stenchman brings us a perfectly balanced meal, highlighting the right elements at the right moments. This one could be played anywhere from underground raves to…PROMS; it’s just that good.

Next is a track he gave away for free on his Facebook, a remix of the Gucci Mane track Excuse Me. The gritty rap vocals mixed with properly nasty dubstep beats set the tone for a party, no questions asked.

Stenchman is doing two big things right these days. Two things that will help him make it in the industry. First is the fact that he’s producing some huge tracks, but more importantly he’s getting his name out there and getting in touch with his crowd. Free releases make everyone a winner!

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