Jun 20, 2012
Dat RAM Treatment
Calyx & TeeBee - Scavenger (Original Mix) [RAM]
Calyx & TeeBee - Stepping Stones (Original Mix) [RAM]
Little Dragon - Little Man (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)

D&B veterans Calyx & TeeBee dropped their latest release on RAM Records last week, consisting of two incredibly produced late night smashers that are likely not going to get enough playtime over here in the States.

The A-side gives us Scavenger, a tune that starts with a quiet build and quickly gets hellishly aggressive. Strong, kinetic beats suck you into the duo’s musty but groovy bass-realm. I absolutely love how they push the bassline out to a really piercing high around the 2-minute mark. The B-side, Stepping Stones, is the track that really stood out for me on the release. It had me from it’s chilled out hand drum opening, but it’s when the track drops that the tune truly becomes unique. The basslines weave in and out, creating this unique synergy among elements that can be hard, but oh so sweet to find. Also tagged on here is Calyx & TeeBee’s remix of Little Dragon’s 2011 track Little Man, which has some serious groove for a 170bpm tune. Little Dragon’s soft vocals really work wonders over the deep, subby bass of C&TB.

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