May 06, 2012
Darkroom Dubstep
TMSV & DJ Madd - Difference (Original Mix) [Black Box]
TMSV & June Miller - Lost Cause (Original Mix) [Black Box]
TMSV & June Miller - Ghost Ship (Original Mix) [Black Box]

Dark dubstep satisfies a very primal instinct of mine; I just can’t get enough of those massive bass undertones perforated with face-slapping percussion. Luckily, I have the likes of Tomas Roels to satisfy my thirst. He goes by the moniker TMSV and initially I assumed by the quality of his work he must be from the talent-breeding hotspot of Bristol in the UK, but to my surprise, he’s actually Dutch!

What first caught my attention were the deliciously crisp bongo drums TMSV used in Difference, which he created with a London-based producer from Hungary named DJ Madd. The intro lays down an almost industrial ambience with an enormous drop that knocks me off my feet every time. He also released a couple more tunes on Black Box with a fellow Dutchman named June Miller. The first one, Lost Cause, also makes excellent use of bongo drums over a bassline that sounds almost extraterrestrial. Their other production, the fittingly eerie, Ghost Ship, is practically a bass test for your speakers.

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