Oct 15, 2012
Darkly Lit
DJ Feel - Darklight (Original Mix)

New labels keep popping onto the scene like kettle corn. Another one to watch is Audentity; headed by Bastian of Ernesto vs. Bastian fame and affiliated with Adrian Raz Recordings, home to veteran trance songwriters Adrian Broekhuyse (also known as Sir Adrian) and Raz Nitzan. This well-connected group boasts a number of already well-established producers on their latest releases, and the most recent offering presents Russian producer DJ Feel on a moody prog track aptly named Darklight.

The “dark” half of the track is easy to point out—subtle but rich bass, uncluttered synths that build tension with clever layering rather than strong melodic leads—but the “light” doesn’t appear until well into the track. The break opens with a few almost organ-esque chords panning back and forth dramatically, but the escalating lead melody really soars and brings a surprisingly uplifting note into the gloom of an otherwise heavy track. Darklight is a very, very solid earworm with hidden depths, and warrants all of the attention that it captures.

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