Nov 08, 2011
Dark Evolution
KhoMha - It Akts (Sunrise Mix) [Arnej Music]
Leon Bolier - Vengeance Vengeance (Original Mix) [Arnej Music]
Arnej pres. 8 Wonders - X (Original Mix) [Arnej Music]

Once upon a time as I began to study progressive music, I fortunately stumbled upon an artist named Arnej. Initially learning of his productions through drops by the world’s leading names, I began to do my own investigation into this incredible yet humble producer. When I discovered for myself such beautiful tunes as They Need Us and We Need Them, I began to understand the unique relationship the Canadian has developed with his fans.

Out now with the very first chapter of his Musical Evolution compilation series, the widely respected producer has blown our minds here at LessThan3 with this one. Rocking a hard, heavy style, this mix features grim tunes like It Akts by Colombia’s KhoMha, Leon Bolier’s deadly Pulp Fiction sampler Vengeance Vengeance, and his own haunting tune X released under his 8 Wonders moniker. Undoubtedly my favorite mix compilation of the year since Prague ’11 by Markus Schulz, this is a must-have for every fan of dark rhythms and face-slapping beats. Subscribe to his weekly podcast for free here, and pick up the full compilation here.

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