Nov 25, 2013
Daniel Portman Becomes A ‘Crusader’
Daniel Portman - Crusader (Original Mix) [Unreleased Digital]
Daniel Portman - Appaloosa (Original Mix) [Unreleased Digital]
Daniel Portman - Into The Crusader's World (Original Mix) [Unreleased Digital]

You know that really dark and grimy kind of dance music? That stripped down, “have I been dancing for eight hours” type stuff? Yeah, that’s called minimal. And no one, for my money, does it better than Swiss producer Daniel Portman. I caught his show in Toronto a few weeks ago, and I’ll be blunt: the guy can throw down with the best of them. The Crusader EP, out now on Unreleased Digital, is a four-track collection of dark and filthy minimal, electro, and even some dubstep.

Already considered a legend in the minimal world, Crusader puts Portman’s formidable skills on full display as he combines elements of different cultures from the Middle Ages with his own hard-hitting sound. The EP opens with the title track, and it’s signature Portman all the way. Clean, crisp, and unrelenting, there are no heavy-handed builds or drawn out vocals here, just pure, unadulterated beats. Appaloosa is a bouncy head-bopper with an highly-infectious build and wobbly bass, while Knightess is chock-full of dark synths, percussive melodies, and some heavy duty organ play. The EP rounds things off nicely with Into The Crusader’s World, an outstanding track that features Arabian flutes, brooding rhythms, and an insane half-time dubstep drop. Seriously, this thing comes out of nowhere. You can pick up the full Crusader EP on Beatport now.

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