Nov 20, 2010
Dancing With An Alien
The Knocks - Dancing With The DJ (Myndset Remix)
Example - Kickstarts (Myndset Remix)

Today I bring you a couple tracks from one of LA’s most enigmatic underground producers. He’s been featured on LessThan3 before, and boasts a stunning set of original, remix, and bootleg productions on his ever-growing SoundCloud account. The man (or alien) that I’m talking about is the one and only Myndset. The last time we checked in with this character we discovered an unclaimed goldmine of productions, my particular favorite being I Get High. This time around, Myndset has sent us some more blissful-sounding house remixes, and they’re certainly worth getting all “beamed up” over.

Myndset’s nu disco-influenced remix of Dancing With The DJ by The Knocks starts off with some futuristic synth and then builds up with some light kick drum into a colorful melody. Soon thereafter, some static-y vocal samples float into the progression, and then you’re hit with a big, wavy, electro drop. The thing I like most about this tune is its versatility–it transitions very smoothly between disco beats and deadly electro riffs. Next up is a lively remix of Example’s Kickstarts. This track has “end-of-the-night track” written all over it; its hard bass keeps things fresh while the atmospheric vocals and synth create an undeniable setting of euphoria. Yet another extraterrestrial hit from Darth Vader… err, Myndset himself.

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