Aug 08, 2011
Dancing in the Underworld
Elevic - Underworld (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
Elevic - Glitch (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
Elevic - Time to Dance (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]

Competition is great for the consumer, and in the increasingly competitive world of electro house we’ve seen many up-and-coming DJs including Porter Robinson, Zedd, and Mord Fustang. Recently, another contestant from Brazil by the name of Elevic made major headway with his new EP Underworld, released on Burn the Fire. Bearing some similarity to tunes by Skrillex, Elevic juiced up the EP’s title track with strong funky basslines, rapidfire melodies, and an excellent half-time breakdown for all fans of dubstep.

With more than one killer choon under his belt, Elevic’s Glitch is as electro house as they come, with some seriously well-controlled basslines. A bit faster paced than the main tune on the EP, Glitch drives with non-stop energy. Finally, Elevic’s production Time To Dance shines through with its catchy and playful melodies.

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