Dec 26, 2011
Dance Classy
Tom Middleton - Return to Atlantis (Original Mix) [Big Chill]
Tom Middleton - Sense Is Real (Original Mix) [Big Chill]

The music of Tom Middleton is nothing to be taken likely. This guy’s minimal cuts incorporate a variety of instrumental clips from funky basslines to rhythmic piano grooves and orchestral sequences, all laid over some hot beats. Tom is unique–a colossus of sound design amongst a daycare full of children learning how to produce. In 2002, his The Sound of The Cosmos compilation was a release that quickly achieved a status near legendary, drawing much acclaim. More recently, Middleton has been employed at New York’s futuristic Hotel Yotel, where he pushes the boundaries of commercial sound design. Now, with his Glasstracks release (partial artwork above), he takes us on a swanky music journey through a jungle of minimal and downtempo tunes sure to change your perception of what this genre is capable of doing.

My favorite track on the release has to be Return to Atlantis. Between its orchestral aura and its deep, funky percussion, it falls somewhere in between Portishead and Massive Attack on my continuum of things that are awesome. I can see Return to Atlantis opening one of the coolest sets I expect to ever hear. As a fresh runner up on Glasswork, I gotta give some love to Sense Is Real, the track that caught my ear and drove me to listen through Glasstracks. Let the EDM community rejoice.

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