Jul 11, 2010
Dan Stone's Revival of a Trance Classic
Alt+F4 - Alt+F4 (Dan Stone Remix) [Anjunabeats]
Alt+F4 - Alt+F4 (Original Mix)

As I enjoyed my air-conditioned subway ride to work, I began listening to my music library’s most recent addition, Alt+F4 (Dan Stone Remix), by Alt+F4. Knowing this was a remix of a classic, I first decided to take a step back to listen to the original version. To be honest, I get a little paranoid when I hear a remix of such a previously well-established song. I find myself concerned about whether or not the original track’s integrity (or “soul” according to Markus Schulz) has been butchered or if it remains intact.

Alt+F4 is comprised of Finnish DJ/Producers Joonas Hahmo & Matti Kotala. The two met in 2002 and shortly thereafter began collaborating on some tunes. By 2004 they had released their now classic self-titled track Alt+F4. On the other side of this equation sits UK based Dan Stone (pictured above). After 10 years as a regular in the UK club scene, Dan Stone has began to make a name for himself as a producer. He has gained worldwide recognition with tracks like Fahrenheit and is now firmly stamping his name on the current trance circuit.

The original track by Alt+F4 has a very warm and melodic nouveau-trance sound. It follows the typical euphoric sequence – opening with an driving trance hook, building up into a powerful climax and release. The synergy between the two melodies during the build-up is beautifully orchestrated and truly embodies the legendary classic trance sound.

Now back to my train ride. As I cued up Dan Stone’s remix, I became aware of the fact that I was now rockin’ back & forth to a 130+ bpm bassline. As I continued to listen, I noticed the harder kicking bassline and the stunning enhancement of that glorious melody from the original, accompanied by those beloved tiny background samples & sounds. I absolutely love how the “soul” of the track was not just kept intact, but amplified to whole new emotional level. I’m floored not only by what Dan Stone’s subtle energizing and elevating touch has done, but also by his ability to take that sweeping build-up into euphoric overdrive. I almost want to call it Alt+F4 (Dan Stone’s Revival).

This Dan Stone re… mix, was released early as a sneak preview for the upcoming eighth edition of the Anjunabeats Volume series mixed by Above & Beyond, scheduled for release on 19th of July.

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