Jun 25, 2013
Daily Newsbyte 6.25

We’ve got tons of news today, featuring big announcements from SFX, the crime numbers from EDC, the latest Disclosure collaboration, and more.

Banks Does Business With Disclosure

New York-based rapper and Twitter… err… sweetheart… Azealia Banks must’ve been given her tweeting privileges back by her record label, Interscope, because the outspoken star took to her favorite gossip platform yesterday to announce her collaboration with the London-based brother duo Disclosure.

If you recall, Banks was involved in more than a few heated discussions on Twitter recently, including beefs with Baauer and Iggy Azalea.

No definitive answer on when she was given control back, if at all, but one thing is for certain: It would take weeks of intensive mental training to get someone else to plug 212 as many times as she does on her feed, so it’s likely that she’s been let out of the dog house by Interscope. Check back for more updates on her collab with Disclosure.

Arrests And Ambulance Rides Down At EDC

EDC Crime and Health Numbers

The Las Vegas Metro Police released incident numbers from EDC this week, and while felony arrests were down from last year, medical incidents and overall crime remained “on par” with last year, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

When considering the figures, it would seem as if the EDC community partied a bit harder than last year, but with far fewer serious incidents. As in 2012, there were no deaths within the perimeter of the festival, but The Sun reports that 614 medical calls were received over the three-night event this year, compared with 485 last year. However, only nine people at the festival were admitted to a hospital, compared with 16 in 2012.

It would also seem as if Vegas cracked down harder on traffic control, with an uptick from last year’s numbers in moving violations (up from zero to 16), DUI alcohol arrests (up from zero to one), DUI drug arrests (up from zero to one), and traffic accidents (up from five to seven). The Sun reports that Metro Police did not comment on the number of drug-related offenses, saying most of them were narcotics-related. On a positive note, only six people were arrested for misdemeanors compared with eight from last year, and ejections were cut in half from 130 to just 63. We might just be rooting for Insomniac and safe parties in general, but these numbers definitely suggest a more controlled environment than in years past. Kudos.

Get Your Sir Bob On

Bloody Beetroots Mask

Reports of bank robberies committed by a comic book character are about to go sky-high. Just kidding. No self-respecting Bloody Beetroots fan would waste their time robbing anything that small. Ransoming the moon or something, that’s the kind of maniacal genius we expect out of the Church Of Noise congregation. Grab yourself a BBR mask here, and make with the mayhem.


Robert Sillerman of SFX

Robert Sillerman’s SFX filed their S-1 form today (seen here), meaning that the ever-expanding EDM conglomerate, despite having some acquisitions still in the works during filing, will be a publicly traded company. SFX currently has pending deals which would make them majority shareholder in festival proprietors ID&T, i-Motion, Made, and Totem. According to language in the S-1, SFX expects to complete these at or near the finalization of their offering, adding to the complete acquisitions of Beatport and three other regional event companies earlier this year.


MGMT Self-Titled Album

Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, aka MGMT, have announced a Sept. 17 release date for their self-titled third album. The duo recorded the latest LP with longtime collaborator Dave Fridmann, the co-producer on their previous two releases Oracular Spectacular and Congratulations. The album’s opener, Alien Days, was released in April as a limited edition cassette as part of Record Store Day.

In addition to new tunes, the duo have conceived an all-new visual element with a slew of graphic and video designers that “provides listeners of the album with a simultaneously aural & optical listening experience featuring video & CGI work,” which will come as part of an “enhanced album package” available on all formats. Scope the track list below, and check their tour dates here.

Alien Days
Cool Song No. 2
Mystery Disease
Your Life Is a Lie
A Good Sadness
I Love You Too, Death
Plenty Of Girls In the Sea
An Orphan Of Fortune