Jun 14, 2013
Daily Newsbyte 6.14

Today, we’re working with new videos from A-Trak and Breach, the first listen of the Bloody Beetroots and Paul McCartney collaboration (which we’ve been referring to as BBBeatles), and more. Have an awesome weekend everyone! And if you see me passed out on the street somewhere, turn me over. That’s how Hendrix died. Thx!

Breach Goes With The Scruffy Look

Breach released the slightly disturbing yet incredibly original official video for Jack today, featuring a mysterious machine made for making things furry. The vid is a series of images involving an unsettling amount of hair in places… well, places where it shouldn’t be. Familiar with the way a photo looks when inverted? Picture that concept, but in a video… and with body hair. Pick up Jack here.

Paul McCartney and Sir Bob Are Out Of Sight

Bloody Beetroots and Paul MCCartney

The jaw-dropping collaboration between Italian dance-punk demon The Bloody Beetroots and former Beatle Paul McCartney premiered today on Rolling Stone. The melody we were teased with comes through, however this time backed by big, thick bass and a thumping kick drum. McCartney’s passionate crooning cozies up nicely into the deep layers of melody riding on top. The official release is set for June 18.

Wavefront Announces Final Phase

Chicago’s Wavefront Music Festival announced the third phase of its lineup via a short clip, featuring additions like Shreddie Mercury, Bad Boy Bill, Sander Kleinenberg, Timo Maas, and more. 21 new artists will join Hot Natured, Diplo, Soul Clap, and Maya Jane Coles, among others, for the 2013 installment of the waterfront festival going off July 5-7 on the shores of Lake Michigan at Montrose Beach. Scope the full phase-three lineup plus the local stage acts below, and get your tickets here.

Wavefront Music Festival Phase Three Lineup

A-Trak Plays With Himself On Camera

Ever find yourself wishing the music world had another A-Trak? Or 20? You’re in luck. The official video for Jumbo hit the Web yesterday, and it’s got enough copies of the guy to run 10 record labels and travel websites.

The playful video features throngs of what we can only assume are illegally made clones of Mr. Macklovitch playing ball with himself in a gym. Not only have the scientists found a way to clone, but they’ve also discovered how to make a basketball change size. Amazing.