Jan 24, 2012
Dahlback Calls Back
John Dahlback - Soldier (Original Mix) [Spinnin']

Dahl-is-back! Ok, bad joke. Either way, the Swedish house invasion rolls on with veteran John Dahlback. Dahlback’s awesome year in 2011 culminated in the success of electro banger Kairo. Fusing Egypt-inspired sounds with grimy bass, the tune landed at #12 on our Top 15 Electro Tracks of 2011. Just weeks after the new year, the Swede is back for another round of heavy-hitting house with the release of Soldier on Spinnin’ Records.

Unlike Kairo, which perfectly melds progressive with electro, Solider is closer to pure electro. Driven by Baltimore-style beats and sliding horns, the track is a bit more reminiscent of the house music from Dahlback’s Dutch counterparts. Dahlback knows how to get people’s feet moving, and does just that with one-two punch of deep kicks and rhythmic swagger. If you’re a fan of 2011 Dahlback, it looks like there’ll be a lot to look forward to in 2012. Also make sure to check out his LessThan3 interview here.

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