Dec 06, 2013
Even Mannequins Fall In Love To Daft Punk

As the first Daft Punk video this year that doesn’t feature the disco-bots backed by Pharrell and Nile Rodgers on a circular stage, the new visual for Instant Crush is an inspired, six-minute story of romance that will make you believe in love between two pieces of plastic.

Yes, the latest visual transmission from Daft Punk’s orbit around Earth has no Daft Punk in it, but it is the love story left out of Night At The Museum, if that’s any condolence. Julian Casablancas belts out his verses between sentimental scenes of our leading actors while he’s standing on a round… wait a minute… it’s that damn stage again! Daft Punk, we forgave you for selling your old spaceship to Sony for their PS4 unboxing video, but for sh*t’s sake, you can afford a new stage.

All jokes aside, this video is fantastically done and quite honestly poked at romantic nerves in me I thought were long obliterated. Interesting side-note: the video was shot in nearly 4:3 aspect ratio, the old-timey standard for imagery around the time when people still visited museums… just sayin’.

Pick up Instant Crush by Daft Punk featuring Julian Casablancas, along with the rest of Random Access Memories, here.

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