May 31, 2015
Daft Punk Side Project Le Knight Club Releases First Song In Over A Decade
Le Knight Club - The Fight (Original Mix)

While we don’t have new music from Daft Punk, we’ve got the next best thing–a new track from one of its members, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. The French producer has linked back up with his friend Eric Chedeville to resurrect their old alias, Le Knight Club, for the group’s first track in over 10 years, The Fight.

Their latest, the duo’s first release since 2002’s Soul Bells, is featured on the soundtrack to the upcoming Mike Tyson thriller Gates of the Sun. The Fight is a far cry from the robotic French house music that DP is known for, but the ominous, hip hop-inspired track has oodles of swagger and will undoubtedly earworm itself into your head.

You can stream the song in full up above. Gates of the Sun is set to premiere Sept. 14 at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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