Dec 08, 2010
Daft Punk Reassembled
Daft Punk - End Of Line [Walt Disney]
Daft Punk - Fall [Walt Disney]
Daft Punk - TRON Legacy (End Titles) [Walt Disney]

Daft Punk couldn’t have returned at a better time as EDM has exploded the world over since their glorious masterpiece Alive 2007. These droids have certainly remained deep in our hearts as we have all eagerly awaited the return of their dynamic beats. Finally returning to the studio, the two have just released the soundtrack for the Disney’s upcoming film Tron: Legacy.

A note for you readers: while listening, it is important to keep in mind that this is still a soundtrack and according to the director Joseph Kosinski, incorporates both electronic and orchestral elements. Produced alongside the Los Angeles-based composer Joseph Trapanese and an 85-piece orchestra, the score certainly blends Daft Punk’s electronic rhythms with more traditional Hollywood film music.

Legacy begins with a strings-based intro that establishes the film’s monumental atmosphere. The next songs (tracks? pieces?) blend electronic basslines with more deep and moving string symphonies–check out Solar Sailor and Arrival for examples. These general ideas continue throughout the meat of the work.

The first outright four-to-the-floor dance beat introduces itself as the insidiously dark track End Of Line. The soundtrack also features the full-length version of Derezzed, a brief yet epic track named Fall, and quite a catchy groove in the end titles. Ending the score on quite an epic note, the last track outside of the end titles wields the kind of gravitas that a finale for a film of this caliber should have.

So what’s the verdict? If you are a die hard Daft Punk fan this is a must-listen, but it is still quite the tease for those of us yearning for a new album. What it really comes down to is that Legacy is meant to accentuate scenes in the movie, like a good soundtrack should. With the kinds of moods this soundtrack instills, I am certain that when I see the feature on December 17th, Daft’s composition will compliment the set-to-be-blockbuster-film wonderfully.

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