Mar 04, 2011
Daft Punk R3CONF1GUR3D
The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (The Glitch Mob Remix)
Sander Kleinenberg - This Is Our Night (Original Mix) [Ultra]
Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go (Original Mix)

Glitch Mob, Avicii, The Crystal Method, Paul Oakenfold, Pretty Lights, Sander Kleinenberg, Moby, Boys Noize, and Kaskade. We’ve just spanned a tremendous amount of genres in the EDM world with their collective music library, and that very crew of names you see before you will each be taking part in what could be one of the most epic album releases we will hear for a long time to come, happening on April 5th.

As I’m sure you all remember, Tron: Legacy released last fall. Although visually stunning, it received a mediocre response in the box office. It’s perhaps due to these sales numbers that Disney, fully cognizant of the value of a Daft Punk album, stepped up to make this thing happen. Especially after the success of the original score, it makes perfect sense to do a remix album–and what better than to pick and choose a group of all-stars from all over the EDM world? They range from fresh on the scene to veteran, but are summarized by one word: talent. With that, I will say no more. I leave you with the playlist from Tron: Legacy R3CONF1GUR3D. Put your diapers on.


The Glitch Mob: “Derezzed”
M83 vs. Big Black Delta: “Fall”
The Crystal Method: “The Grid/Game Has Changed”
Teddybears: “Adagio for Tron”
Ki:Theory: “The Son of Flynn”
Paul Oakenfold: “C.L.U.”
Moby: “The Son of Flynn”
Boys Noize: “End of Line (Boys Noize Remix)”
Kaskade: “Rinzler”
Com Truise: “Enron Part II”
Photek: “End of Line”
The Japanese Popstars: “Arena”
Avicii: “Derezzed”
Pretty Lights: “Solar Sailor”
Sander Kleinenberg: “Tron Legacy (End Titles)”