Nov 13, 2013
Daft Still Dominating Earth Culture

More than six months after the first teasers of Get Lucky sparked a new era of Daft mania, the seminal space robots continue to influence the inhabitants of Earth with more than just their music.

Everyone’s favorite fictitious newscaster, Ron Burgundy, recently took a ride through Amsterdam with Daft Punk in a video bit MTV used during the EMAs (Europe Music Awards).

Needless to say, the infinitely informed and always eloquent Burgundy did most of the talking, especially when Daft was occupied feeding cupcakes to Dutch ladies.

But the duo are no strangers to awards shows, and the same goes for video games, although this next overtly Daft tribute from the folks at Sony is much less official.

Now, until the very last moment, the only differences between the Playstation 4’s unboxing vid and that for Daft’s Random Access Memories is the product itself, with an argument to be made for the videos being shot on the exact same set. Then, after a series of spot-on replicated unboxing moments, Psy’s father reveals himself as the spokesman for the PS4 and reminds us that “greatness awaits.” Compare with the RAM vid, below.

And to round out our Daft domination update, the Russian police force performing their shockingly impressive rendition of Get Lucky, already an Internet sensation at 2 million views.

If your brain will allow you to sit through it without snickering uncontrollably, you’ll notice that, despite the hilarious spin their accents put on the lyrics, these bears have some pipes. Enjoy the Russian, rifle-toting, version as they masterfully (and “masculine-ly”) demonstrate the musical prowess of the Motherland.

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