Sep 02, 2014
Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel Reportedly Recording A Solo Album

Daft Punk fans could soon be listening to brand new material from Daft half Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, who is reportedly recording a solo album on the outskirts of Paris.

Harder Blogger Faster reports via French outlet Tsugi that sources have confirmed Guy-Man’s next project is currently being recorded in a suburb West of the duo’s Earthbound hometown. The album is said to include multiple guest appearances including French actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg, but no further information has surfaced at this time.

Hear Daft Punk’s Human After All (Remixes) here

Now that the dust has settled from the landing of Random Access Memories and the stream of live performance rumors has slowed to a trickle, Daft Punk’s Homem-Christo and counterpart Thomas Bangalter surely have more time on their shiny gloved hands, and fans would love to see them fill it with solo efforts. Check back for more details.

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