Sep 15, 2011
Dada Life's Electro Death
Dada Life - Happy Violence (Original Mix) [So Much Dada]
Simian Mobile Disco - Audacity of Huge (Dada Life Guerilla Fart #10)

Having made themselves into a household name, the legendary Dada Life continues their reign of terror over the electro and dance world. Their sets at the big festivals this summer were nothing to be trifled with, as they made appearances at almost every single multiday event here in the U.S. If you somehow still haven’t caught them, don’t worry–it’s inevitable.

There’s more news on the Dada front. They’ve hit us with a new single, Happy Violence (official video below), the title of which happens summarize their overall sound perfectly. Starting off in the “violence” section with that signature electro hook, the song takes a turn into “happy” melodic territory soon enough. The magic of Dada Life is in their ability to harmonize the two into a catchy dancefloor deathbomb. Many producers give us sparkling melodies or hard-hitting beats, but when both are delivered in sync with each other, we tend to get excited.

Since just one song from such a spectacular set of producers just seems sparse, here’s their fantastic 2009 remix of Simian Mobile Disco’s Audacity of Huge. This is the song that made me realize that these boys have got something insane up their sleeve; it’s one of those perfect remixes that adds to a song so much that it’s better than the original. Also, as a bonus, here’s a download of Dada’s new September Mix, as well as a preview of their upcoming remix of Prutataaa. Finally, if you’re in New York tonight, be sure to catch the crazy pair at Lavo along with Cazzette! Find out the deets here.

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