Dec 10, 2013
Dada Life Warns: ‘This Machine Kills Ravers’

After seeing their Sausage Fattener succeed beyond their expectations, the mad scientist boys of Dada Life have gone back into the lab and come out with their latest experimental device along with a warning, however, that This Machine Kills Ravers.

The opening tension is enough to give listeners a fight-or-flight sensation, especially considering the stated purpose of the new machine, but fear not. Despite claims that this new preview will end your life, I think there may have been a mistake in the decal department of the Dada design lab, because it should read: “This Machine Kills, Ravers.”

The minute-long preview bursts out of the gates with abrasive stabs and offers one last warning before getting down to business with that downright dirty Dada sound. Hitting stores Dec. 12, make sure to remind your friends of the comma we suggested for the title before making them hear it. They just might think you’ve ordered some strange miracle voodoo music on the Internet so you can off them and inherit all their… kandi? Enjoy.

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