Oct 15, 2013
Dada Life Says We’re All ‘Born To Rage’
Dada Life - Born To Rage (Preview) [So Much Dada]

If there was ever a duo in EDM that was born to rage, not only does Dada Life take the cake, but they jump out of it in a hailstorm of frosting, spraying champagne in all directions.

The guys further proved their standing as electronic music’s party boys today by unveiling a preview of their newest original production, Born To Rage, which also doubles as quite the out-of-the-box fan contest. The extra-fat electro house tune opens with the computerized vocalization of the title, setting the mood and establishing what it’s got planned for your ears and body. As their first original production in awhile, the preview for Born To Rage sees the duo return to their regular status as a sonic sausage factory feeding fans thick doses of thunk on a regular basis. Offering little more than an intro and singular drop, the preview however does offer fans a taste of the fat percussion and abrasive-yet-cheerful synth work they’re used to from the banana boys, plus a shout-out to the USA.

Always fans of the unconventional approach, Dada also announced plans to release custom versions of the track for 39 different countries (presumably replacing the “USA” vocal in the drop) and even a few custom versions for 30 or so lucky winners of their Born To Rage contest, with one winner each day for a month (i.e. John Q. Raver, you were born to rage). Enter here for your chance to make all your friends jealous with your own Dada track, and pick up the original when it drops Oct. 28 on So Much Dada.

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