Jul 08, 2011
Dada Life @ Lavo NY
Dada Life - Just Bleep Me (Original Mix) [Bazooka]
Starkillers & Alex Kenji feat Nadia Ali - Pressure (Alesso Remix) [Spinnin']

If I had any doubts about Lavo being the perfect high-end NYC party spot before last night, they are certainly gone now. LessThan3 favorites Dada Life caused a ruckus at the Park Avenue club last night, complete with inflatable bananas and champagne bottles, models carrying enormous magnums of Perrier Jouet inside a sparkler-adorned “ark of the covenant” of sorts (I’m serious), and dancers wearing nary more than tape over their strategic areas. It was, essentially, a living music video.

Dada opened with their classic Just Bleep Me to riotous approval from the well-controlled crowd. Lavo is a smaller club, so overcrowding can be an issue, but the number of people inside last night was definitely the right answer to that problem. Continuing with the music, though, Dada’s set was exactly what you would expect from the Duo with perhaps a bit more of the prog sound that New Yorkers love present in the set, a la the Alesso remix of Pressure. Two hours later, the 3:30am crowd looked like it had just been caught in a confetti storm. And the Dada boys couldn’t have looked prouder of their accomplishments.

As many of you Dada fans know, subtlety does not become them. I’d be surprised if anyone leaving Lavo NY last night would disagree with that. The setting, the sound, and the sexiness–that is Dada, and that is Lavo.

For more info on the night, check out MTV Newsroom’s writeup.

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