Jan 14, 2015
Dada Death Finds Dada Life’s Missing Laptop, Releases Remix
Dada Death - Tonight We're Kids Again

You’ve all heard of the banana-loving, champagne-popping Swedish duo Dada Life, but allow us to introduce you to their new nefarious archenemy, Dada Death.

The story begins in December, when Dada Life allegedly left a laptop bag sitting on a Stockholm subway.

The same day, a Twitter account named “Dada Death” popped up.

What followed was a month’s worth of Twitter taunts and Facebook posts.

On Jan. 12, Dada Death announced that they would be leaking the unreleased material, but with their own sinister spin added.

The first song to be released is Tonight We’re Kids, a dark and twisted techno take on DL’s yet-to-be-released original. The song was posted on Dada Death’s SoundCloud page, but it has since been pulled down, which has only served to add even more fuel to the fire. While everything overwhelmingly points toward the whole thing being an ingenious marketing ploy, the fact remains that we have never heard Dada Life sound like this before.

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