Dec 08, 2013
Curl Up ‘Missed U’
Curl Up - Yea (Original Mix) [Terrorhythm]
Curl Up - Untitled (Original Mix) [Terrorhythm]
Curl Up - Snap (Original Mix) [Terrorhythm]

Conformity. Minimalism. These words mean very little to UK label Terrorhythm, whose current sound is as eclectic as it gets in the electronic realm. In stride with the crew, New York’s Curl Up is keeping up with the label’s “anything goes” mentality with a three-track release entitled Missed U, a frenzy of hypercolorful sounds bound together by trap hi-hats and breakbeats, slated for release Dec. 9.

Missed U kicks off with piano and James Brown samples in Yea, before the dizzying breakbeats and careless vibe of Untitled sweep in. The release finishes with Snap, a Jersey Club jam with a gargling bass. In all, a super-fun and varied release.

On a personal note, I’m stoked to see more maximal, experimental trap music come into the spotlight as of recent, showing it doesn’t have to be all boom bap and machine guns in the trap scene. Curl Up and the Terrorhythm crew earn a +1 for originality.

You can pre-order Curl Up’s Missed U EP here.

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