Jul 02, 2015
Crystal Castles Share ‘Deicide,’ 2nd With New Vocalist
Crystal Castles - Deicide (Original Mix)

Crystal Castles share their second original Deicide, made with new vocalist Edith, since former front-woman Alice Glass parted ways with the group last year.

After announcing the split back in October of 2014, producer Ethan Kath (pictured) has kept the Crystal Castles project alive with help from a mysterious new vocalist simply going by Edith. Frail, the first release without Glass, maintained the heavily distorted vocals that the band has become synonymous for, which lead some to believe that it was the last production to feature Glass. It was later revealed that Edith sang on Frail, and she now lends her vocals to their newest output Deicide.

It is a driving production that features Edith’s warped vocals set against screeching chord progressions and a medley of lo-fi effects. Both Frail and Deicide stay true to the sound and experimental tendencies of Crystal Castles, showing that Kath has not lost his edge since the split.

No word yet as to whether Kath plans to tour, or release a new album, but you can hear more tunes from Crystal Castles’ SoundCloud here.