Mar 02, 2012
Crushendo - Labyrinth (Original Mix) [Simplify]
Crushendo - Players Only (Original Mix) [Simplify]
Crushendo - Hot Cakes (Original Mix) [Simplify]

When Cody Yozipovic and Julian Garland got together to form Slim Thugz, they never could’ve foreseen the road ahead of them. Together, the two of them have undergone a metamorphosis of sorts under a new moniker, Crushendo. Their new EP, Drop Logic, is a collection of fresh and mindblowing tracks doused heavily in their signature “jazzstep” sound.

Drop Logic can play through like an art rock album, with the obvious differences that come with being a bass music release. What I mean when I say this is that every track is good; each is its own musical journey. Like many of what I perceive to be the best releases in bass music, this EP makes a point of being uncategorizable in any one genre. From the second that you cue up the album, Players Only will give you a concentrated taste of the grimy mess you’ve just gotten yourself into, and then Labyrinth will impress you with its unique synth work. Just go with it, or at least check out my favorite track on the album, Hot Cakes, so you know what you’re missing if you don’t.

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