Jul 03, 2014
Crookers Shares Bizarre ‘Able To Maximize’ Video

Okay, so WTF did we just watch?

Italian producer/DJ Francesco “Phra” Barbaglia, aka Crookers, has always been a bit “out there,” but the new video to his latest Ciao Records track, Able To Maximize, is definitely his weirdest release yet.

The video, created by London-based animation studio Plastic Horse, is about one tab short of a full-blown psychedelic journey. A cartoon version of Phra washes up on a strange, mythical island, where he encounters a bull, a pan-pipe playing bearded man, and a whole slew of odd characters and locations. Oh yeah, and pizza. We’re not exactly sure what any of it means, but it certainly is interesting. Watch it now and take your own trip down the rabbit hole…

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