Oct 27, 2010
Crookers in La La Land
Green Velvet - La La Land (Crookers Remix) [Cajual]
Green Velvet - La La Land (Crookers Alternative Mix)

Electro house duo Crookers has recently released two brand new remixes on their blog. Having explored several genres from fidget and dubstep to “Italian melodic house,” The Crookers have been pushing boundaries all over the hipster scene. This time around, they’ve released a set of two remixes that are a bit on the edgier side. As if the original La La Land by Green Velvet wasn’t “out there” enough, The Crookers have added their twist to this already unorthodox track.

So what’s the verdict? These remixes are, well… different than what a Crookers fan would expect from the pair. I’ll admit, I was caught off guard at first with the direction they decided to take with these tracks. But, you know what? After the initial surprise dissipated, I actually dug them. Like much indie electronica, the listener needs to develop somewhat of an ear for it, especially considering how no two tracks sound alike. For those who aren’t quite ready for the jump, check out the alternative mix. It’s a house track with tons of flair that also has a bit of a different sound than their older productions.

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