Feb 25, 2014
Crack The Code For Madeon’s ‘Cut The Kid’
Madeon - Cut The Kid (Original Mix)

French phenom Madeon said he’d be giving away a free download to fans this February, and he’s made good on that promise.

While we’re eagerly awaiting the release of his debut album, he’s hidden a free song here. It can be unlocked by using Madeon’s secret code language, which he has used in several of his previous song releases. Too hard to crack? Don’t worry, we’ve got a little cheat sheet for you down below.

The secret song is Cut The Kid, a track he “made a couple of years ago and never released.” In typical Madeon fashion, Cut The Kid is a rainbow-coloured, candycane dreamland, replete with ebullient synths, mesmerizing chopped vocals, and an awe-inspiring build. For those of you surviving off a low-quality live rip for the last year, you’ve now got the real deal, and it’s absolutely incredible.

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