May 09, 2013
Coyote Kisses Launches SoMeta Label With ‘Thundercolor’ EP
Coyote Kisses - Diving At Night (Original Mix) [SoMeta]
Coyote Kisses - This Is How You Know (Original Mix) [SoMeta]
Coyote Kisses - Changing Guard (Original Mix) [SoMeta]

Starting a label can be a daunting task, but Florida-based duo Coyote Kisses has taken their brand one step further this week in releasing their Thundercolor EP on their very own label, SoMeta Records. Realizing the reins of creativity now lie completely in their own hands, it seems Coyote Kisses is ready to expand from their aggressive dubsteppy roots, exposing a much more musical side of themselves this time around.

The four-track EP opens with Diving At Night, an organic and emotional intro that you might not expect from the often hyper-sounding duo. I always find myself bopping my head to Coyote Kisses tracks, and while this first tune shows more restraint than any Coyote Kisses track prior, its effect on me is the same. This Is How You Know is the most forward-thinking track of the release, taking the well-known style of chopped vocals over bass music and turning it into this hoedown-inspired EDM jam, incorporating what seems to be a band full of live electro instruments.

Changing Guard is a half-time anthem of sorts, utilizing electric guitar for a memorable stadium feel. Soft melodies and humble percussion rhythms round this track out as a great closer for the EP. If you’re loving this tune, you can grab this one for free–you just have to Pay With A Tweet. You can grab the rest of the EP over on Beatport.

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