Sep 25, 2011
Counting the Hours
Tycho - Hours [Ghostly International]
Tycho - Hours (Teen Daze Remix)

If you’re a fan of electronica, then odds are you’ve heard of this man. Tycho (pictured above), who started producing music in his early 20s, has been one of the hottest electronica acts since the beginning of the summer. His ambient, natural-sounding productions are enough to send chills down your spine, or start a fire in your heart. It’s the closest one can get to the sensations of the outdoors inside their headphones.

Case in point–Hours. Taken from his forthcoming album, Hours takes you on a journey of the mind, body, and soul. Ethereal bits are swept away in the wind, leaving you hollow, and longing for more. It really is quite an audaciously beautiful five or so minutes. The Teen Daze remix is another, even more recent take on the track. I love this remix because it maintains the chillness of the original, but adds in a soft kick to make it danceable. Sounds just perfect for an early morning walk, or heck, even an afterparty. Zen.

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