Aug 20, 2010
Countdown to Electric Zoo – Part 4
Davide Squillace - What About The Vice (Original Mix) [Desolat]
Matthias Tanzmann - Rugby (Original Mix) [Moon Harbour]

Ah, one more week has gone by. You know what that means–we are now one week closer to Electric Zoo Festival (yep. That’s how we’re thinking about time lately. We’re stoked). You can find our previous three weeks’ coverage here, which I would definitely recommend you check out to get a good picture of the immense musical variety that will exist at EZF this year.

So last week Scuba Stevo and Shmurkio filled us in on the trance situation at EZ, which is undoubtedly going to be ridiculous. This week we’re gonna head into a different direction. I’m going to be bringing you all up to speed on the techno, tech house, and minimal house goodness that is in store for us. Though many may not know this, New York City has a truly vibrant scene in the aforementioned genres. Just last week we threw a party with Flawless where we were delivered sweet beats from DJs Âme and Delete. Anyway, being true to this city’s inhabitants and taste, it’s no surprise that Made Event has invited some serious talent to the show.

Let’s start off with two of my personal favorites in this scene, Matthias Tanzmann and Davide Squillace. Now, I’m only really grouping these two together because back in London in July they played one of the best back-to-back sets I’ve ever heard in my life…and I was far from the only one who thought that. Each of these individuals stands proudly as their own artists, each having accomplished great things with many more to come.

Matthias Tanzmann is rapidly advancing as one of the most sought-after German House DJs, already counting residencies at Flokati (Munich) and Sternradio (Berlin) among his achievements with a killer set of gigs coming up. More recently, his CircoLoco residency has drawn him quite a fair bit of acclaim–and with good reason; these parties have been off the chain. I’ve added Rugby below, but the true genius of this man lies in his live sets. Be sure to check him out to set the tone right early in the day.

Davide Squillace went to the Naples School of Sound Engineering, beginning his techno tinkering in 1999. Since then he’s released countless records and hits and worked with multiple labels, including a few of his own. Coming in fresh off a CircoLoco residency of his own as well as a new album release, What About The Vice, Davide is set to ignite the dancefloors like none other. I’d also like to mention that Davide is a genuinely nice guy. I met him at Love earlier this year and had a great conversation with him before he lit up the club like he owned the place. Summary: get pumped.

Of course we can’t forget to mention Martin Buttrich, one of the lucky few to have received a Grammy nomination for a Tori Amos remix in 2003. Since the start of his career, Martin’s sound has become more focused and crystallized, making his sound more unique and more mindblowing year after year. It’s far too common for artists to “water down” their music once they hit it big. Nope–not for Martin. He’s spent his time entrancing audiences at festivals like Time Warp and Creamfields and at temples of boom such as Fabric (London), Womb (Tokyo), Cocoon (Frankfurt), Panorama Bar (Berlin) and Amnesia (Ibiza). If his touring repertoire wasn’t enough to get you excited, Martin has also just released his debut solo album Crash Test on Desolat. Lend it your ears and it will lend you some sick beats. Fair trade, no doubt.

Word on the street is that Davide, Matthias, and Martin Buttrich will be playing a big tag team set at EZ. Ohhhh snap! But shh, you didnt hear it from me.

Now to switch things up ever so slightly. Popof is another artist who we’re extremely excited to get to experience live. We covered Roxy a few weeks back and I’m still playing it constantly. Popof is a DJ, composer, and arranger hailing from the French rave party scene, with a preference towards minimal techno and electro. What more do you need to hear? With remixes of tracks by the likes of Moby, Tiga, and Depeche Mode and collaborations with Luciano, Digweed, and Tiesto, I think it’s safe to say that Popof will bring his A-game and lay down a serious party.

So there you have it. A glimpse of the minimal and tech sounds that will be flowing from the EZ tents this year. And I do mean a glimpse–there are many other talented artists to be seen and destroyed by this year. I didn’t even spend time mentioning Victor Calderone, who, due to his iconic dance music status, should require no further introduction. Last year he tore EZ a new one, and I’m pretty sure he is set to decimate the crowd in one of his strongest-supporting cities in the world. If you dont know him, or any of these artists, do yourself a favor and have yourself a few listens. You’ll be glad you did.

See you next week for our fifth edition of Countdown to Electric Zoo!