Aug 06, 2010
Countdown to Electric Zoo – Part 2
Bassnectar - Heads Up (Original Mix) [Amorphous]
Rusko - Woo Boost (Original Mix) [Cooperative]
Martyn - Vancouver (Original Mix) [3024]

Last week, Kid Alien filled us in with all the goodness of the terribly destructive electro house presence due at Electric Zoo Festival – now just under a month away. As the date looms closer and closer, we’ll take a closer look at each of the major genres of music represented at EZ. That’s no small feat, considering just how rich and complex the lineup is for all but the snootiest of dance music fans.

This week, the subject matter of attention is…. dubstep. Yes, Electric Zoo will be pulsing with waves and wobbles of dirty dubstep destruction on both days. Though certainly not the bassfest that Audiotistic was, three of dubstep’s best and biggest names – Rusko, Bassnectar and Martyn – are on board. While we can expect sets full of mind-numbing drops from these two gentlemen, that’s not to say that they’ll have exclusive rights to the dubstep arsenal at Electric Zoo; we’ll be hearing plenty of it from other DJs, especially those with mix-em’-up styles like A-Trak and Flying Lotus.

What can be said about Bassnectar and Rusko that hasn’t already been detailed in Foo Boi’s Audiotistic review? Speaking from personal experience, it’s going to be just plain nuts. The two easily had the best two sets of that night.

Bassnectar calls his style “omnitempo maximalism,” or simply, “no rules, no limitations.” Such a style requires serious technical and musical prowess, but Bassnectar delivers. At times, you can hear no less than three separate tracks being fused into a sonic monster; tempos, samples, vocals, and even time signatures are relentlessly violated by this man. Genre is made meaningless as he cuts, loops and drops like a maniac. Nothing is safe before Bassnectar – certainly not your sanity. Check out the video if you don’t believe me yet.

Rusko isn’t quite the jack-of-all-trades that Bassnectar is, but he does excel at his particular trade. Rusko, whether you like him or not, is the biggest blip on the dubstep world radar right now. The Leeds, UK native would drop bomb after bomb like Nero’s Act Like You Know and his very own Moaners during his Audiotistic set, pounding the crowd into oblivion without mercy. If you’re planning on seeing Rusko, be prepared.

We have one more dedicated dubstep DJ left on the lineup, Martyn, who’s a British drum n’ bass turned dubstep producer. While I’ve never seen him live, the quality of his productions have convinced me to go check him out on stage. Martyn’s atmospheric style is both heavy and smooth, incorporating intriguing melodies, warping basslines and some really, really sick beats. There’s almost a touch of techno influence in his dubstep, if that’s even believable. Definitely worth a visit on Saturday.

I think we’ll be hearing dubstep everywhere at Zoo. You know what I mean; that occasional, audacious but never expected dubstep drop from a DJ riding a massive crowd energy surge. If you were at Laidback Luke’s EDC set, you’d know that happens. Anyways, thanks for reading this week’s edition of Countdown to Electric Zoo; be sure to check out next week’s as well. I hope you’re just as excited as I am for these two crazy days ahead.