Jul 30, 2010
Countdown to Electric Zoo – Part 1
Drop The Lime - Devil's Eyes (Diplo's B-Live Mix)
Laidback Luke & Gregor Salto feat Mavis Acquah - Step By Step (Big Room Mix)

Labor day weekend promises to be a great one for New York City dance music fans: Electric Zoo is coming back for a second year of madness on Randall’s Island! The promoter, Made Event, has put together an eclectic line-up, representing most of the subgenres of EDM in a way that most fans should enjoy. Electric Zoo holds a special place in my heart because last year’s festival was the first large dance event I had ever been to, but this year I, and probably the rest of the EDM community, have much higher standards. After record-setting numbers at Ultra and Electric Daisy, Electric Zoo is really going to have to “show up and show out” to keep up the competition.

This post is the beginning of a series that will showcase the artists performing at Electric Zoo, with each post covering a different genre. My particular genre for this week is that grimy, dirty electro house that we all know and love. Electro house is not represented in quite as high a proportion as it was at Electric Daisy, the last major US dance festival, but there is still a good smattering of electro house artists who are sure to rock Randall’s Island.

First up is Colorado act Savoy, who first slammed onto my radar at EDC–see FooBoi’s post for more EDC reactions. If their EDC set is any indication, I have a feeling that they are sure to drop a large amount of tracks that other electro house DJs will not drop at Zoo, which will be a nice aural cleanser after lots of Ones and Babylons.

Next up we have LA Riots, whose manic SoCal sound has caught the ear of Shmurkio before. These guys are excellent at teaming up ferocious beats with more laid-back, groovy sounds that don’t leave you feeling like you’ve just been through a war, so they should be an excellent mid-Saturday listen.

Discussing Diplo means discussing Major Lazer as well, because Diplo will be spinning both by himself and with Switch as Major Lazer at Zoo. While I have heard that Major Lazer’s sets tend to be hit-and-miss, Diplo as a solo DJ is in the habit of melting faces with tracks like this, and throwing in random genres such as baile funk, so this set is unlikely to disappoint.

Now for my personal favorite – Dutch superstar Laidback Luke. I am a bit of a Laidback Luke fanboy, so pardon me if I gush. His Ultra & EDC sets were by far the best electro house sets I have seen, so you better believe that I will be at his performance with bells on. Okay maybe not bells, but definitely some kind of warpaint or something.

Finally we have the godfather of electro house, Benny Benassi. I’m pretty sure Benassi has been putting on a rip-roaring show since the first time he set foot behind turntables up until now, so I think it’s safe to say that this set will be one of the major highlights of Zoo. He is currently riding the momentum of his hit Spaceship, so he should be ready and rarin’ to go. I’ve added a video of his 2009 Zoo performance to this post so you can get just a lil taste.

EZ 2010 promises to be a wild, sonic ride, so fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gents. Tune in again next Friday for another installment.