Jul 25, 2010
Countdown T Minus 10
D*Minds - T-10 (Gangster Step Remix) [DStyle]

D*Minds (formerly Distorted Minds) is a d’n’b/dubstep duo out of Bristol, UK, and I am here to tell you right now: this track is bananas. A perfect fusion of all things hip-hop and dubstep, this is one of the best dubstep tracks I have heard in a long time, from the circus-like orchestral intro to the murderous synth drops. Released on DStyle/Kaos at the end of May, T-10 (Gangster Step Remix) has all of the makings of a massive hit — imagine Ludacris rapping over this beat. Here’s to underground producers storming the mainstream, and dubstep wobbling its way to the top.