Jan 08, 2012
Couch Monster
Coucheron - Outrageous (Original Mix) [Big Beat]

Coucheron is a strange name we haven’t brought up in nearly a year since his ridiculous Speed Me Up, which was the first of many tracks in 2011 that proved that young producers just might be the new thing in dance music. The 16-year-old Norwegian just had an EP released on Big Beat here in the States, and it includes Speed Me Up plus a newer original, Outrageous.

The first thing you might notice in Outrageous is just how much it pops right from the beginning with the airy synth intro. It proceeds to break down into some tightly constructed electro house madness built for for partying. Coucheron opts for a more melodic, playful vibe over the dark and warping sounds of some of today’s electro stalwarts. Regardless, it manages to come out as a track full of crazy energy.

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