Aug 21, 2010
Cooler Times Two
Crookers feat Yelle - Cooler Couleur (AC Slater Remix)

Crookers. The name is so appropriate to the sound; crooked, a little off, but very distinct.

Yet, Crookers has been changing that sound. The last time we heard from the Italian maestros of fidget, they were slowly making their musical journey into the throes of American pop, remixing the likes of Lady Gaga and N.E.R.D. We all know and love Crookers for that signature dirtiness they bring into everything they touch. But Crookers today sounds quite different from the days of that Kid Cudi remix that propelled them into dance music stardom (at least in the U.S.).

Just take a look at their new Faithless remix; it’s certain that they’ve really made some stylistic changes. Judging from the recent influx of tech and dubstep into their mixtapes, the new Crookers is all about dissonance, space and rhythm. Just listen to their latest (and first!) album Tons of Friends; it’s deep, and rather funky. Not what you’d expect from the makers of some of the most frantic electro-fidget bangers out there.

American staple AC Slater made a simply destructive remix out of one of their latest collabs with French pop singer Yelle. Let me warn you, though: this redux of Cooler Couleur is friggin’ weird. But, weird in the good way. The way that makes you want to thrash your head in directions other than back and forth. Here’s the low-down: tense piano chords dot a sparse club beat, with Yelle’s voice in there as an echo-y afterthought. When I heard this one drop via AC Slater himself at Audiotistic, I simply didn’t know what to do. I’m pretty sure I just stood there dumbfounded while the song made hash browns out of my brain.

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