Mar 15, 2014
Cookie Monsta Roasts Doctor P’s ‘Shishkabob’
Doctor P - Shishkabob (Cookie Monsta Remix) [Circus]

The homie Cookie Monsta rolled through this week with an excellent trap remix of Doctor P’s Shishkabob.

Doctor P’s original mix of Shishkabob is a gnarly dubstep heater that proves that the genre’s still got a beating pulse after all these years, naysayers be damned. Of course, many of dubstep’s best and brightest have since moved on to the fertile realm of trap music, and Cookie Monsta’s remix is booming with its own unique flavor while still highlighting just how much these two bass-centric genres have in common. Who needs genres when we can all rage together under the banner of bass?

As with the original mix, Cookie Monsta’s Shishkabob remix is available as a free download over at Mixmag. The track comes from the forthcoming Grand Central compilation, out March 24 via Circus Records. The comp also features tunes from Flux Pavilion, Lets Be Friends, and more.

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