Aug 01, 2011
Convergent Bass
Bassnectar & Jantsen - Red Step
Bassnectar - Voodoo
Bassnectar & Seth Drake - Above & Beyond

It takes only one man to make a dubstep symphony, but it takes an alliance of individuals to make an album of them. That’s exactly what Bassnectar did to bring you Divergent Spectrum, his latest gift to the bass-loving world, out tomorrow on his website. Calling upon the talents of allies like Ellie Goulding, Gogol Bordello and Jantsen, Bassnectar makes another massive ripple in the dubstep community with his genre-defying style.

Red Step, a collaboration with the Boulder-based Jantsen (official video below), will quickly take you straight back to why we love Bassnectar: massive, floor-crushing bass sounds. The drop comes a bit late after a minute or so of twitchy Baltimore beats, but it works well when it does. Voodoo is a full serving of that maddening psy-hip-hop vibe we glimpsed in the previous track–huge drop included, of course. Above & Beyond has nothing to do with a certain set of British trance legends, but evokes a similar aura with a deeper take on dubstep than the previous tracks. Making heavy use of orchestral samples, the track builds into a ridiculously epic dubstep symphony truly deserving of the last spot on this post.

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