May 03, 2011
Conquer Your Ears
W&W vs Wezz Devall - Phantom (Original Mix) [Captivating Sounds]
W&W - AK-47 (Original Mix) [Captivating Sounds]
Marcel Woods - Champagne Dreams (W&W Remix) [High Contrast]

W&W continue to experiment and expand their style with every new release. After the long-awaited release of Marcel Woods’ Champagne Dreams comes an incredible big-room remix by the dynamic duo. They utilize their smaller signature sounds to boost Marcel’s flow and then toss in those banging synth-lines to seal the deal.

This leads me into their latest combo platter, AK-47. This isn’t your typical W&W tune; it has a feverish techno sound with a classic acid synth and some uplifting trance thrown in the mix. To complete the platter, Willem and Wardt teamed up with good friend and fellow Dutch talent Wezz Devall to produce Phantom, “tranceforming” themselves into W³. The trio combine their energetic sounds and overlay it with an explosive buildup for yet another big-room rocker.

Willem and Wardt conquer your ears again, proving they can do whatever they want and in the process attract a whole new audience. Keep your ears tuned in; Wezz has few new releases coming out soon!

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