Feb 03, 2014
Flume & Skrillex EP En Route, Flume & Lazer To Follow

As one of the biggest breakout acts of the past year, Flume is living it up right now, enjoying a mounting pile of collabs and over-the-top initiation moments with his fellow A-listers.

In addition to popping his HOLY SHIP!!! cherry, rumors and signs of Australian sensation Flume and OWSLA boss-man Skrillex collaborating were confirmed on board by HARD Events CEO Gary Richards in an interview.

While discussing the famous floating festie that is HOLY SHIP!!! with Miami New Times, Richards detailed some of the collaborations that have resulted from the close quarters and warm vibes, including the two-track release from Flume and Skrilly. The guys posed together for a picture below with Emoh, the second half of his What So Not project, which has already released material on OWSLA.

skrillex flume what so not

Skrillex is what they call an “OG.” He hasn’t missed a year and has since worked with fellow shipmate Boys Noize, as well as just wrapped up a two-track collab with Flume, a Holy-Ship-virgin-no-more.

Frequent collaber Skrillex’ joint ventures typically result in a clean mix representative of everyone involved, so we’re expecting Flillex (or Skrume) to pack a punch, but a velvety smooth one at that.

Harley “Flume” Streten is becoming a regular collaborator himself, with plans for “Major” studio confirmed by Major Lazer member Walshy Fire.

“Yeah man, believe it or not we’re actually leaving Flume’s house right now, we had a nice time there. We just went over to his apartment for a BBQ. He’s an amazing producer, great guy, so, for sure.”

Diplo’s partner in crime told inthemix that they too had something in the works with the 22-year-old talent after they bonded at Big Day Out… and by “bonded” we mean Flume was brought on stage at the end of their set to be twerked on by one of the Major Lazer dancers, much to everyone’s delight.

“I’ve gotta blame Curt from Flosstradamus for that. It was his idea to bring Flume out. We were like ‘Flume’s not gonna be down for this,’ but Flume was definitely game. He’s officially a part of the crew now, original rude boy.”

Check back soon for more Flume action, as this guy just keeps heating up.

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