Dec 22, 2011
Commercial Success
Seba - It Ain't the Weather (Original Mix) [Commercial Suicide]
Optiv - Midnight Nation (Original Mix) [Commercial Suicide]
Vicious Circle & Nocturnal - Last Chance Saloon (Original Mix) [Commercial Suicide]

2011 has been a monumental year for record label Commercial Suicide. Seeing releases from S.P.Y., Concord Dawn, Ill Skillz, Break, and Silent Witness, this label has gone from strength to strength since the beginning of the year. As 2011 comes to a close, label founder Klute has decided to save the coup de grace for last: an LP simply titled Commercial Suicide: Compilation. The compilation features a staggering amount of production talent. From relatively new producers like Dub Phizix, to veterans like Dom & Roland, the compilation is a perfect representation of the current landscape of dark drum’n’bass. The album comes in two flavors: a 13-track physical version and an 18-track digital download version.

Now for a few highlights. Seba’s It Ain’t the Weather could potentially be his rawest production to date. With cut-throat drum programming and a tooth-grinding bassline, It Ain’t the Weather is evocative of Bad Company’s The Nine–perhaps the darkest dnb tune ever made. Drop in a haunting synth run that sounds like it was lifted right out of a horror movie and a sample that actually was lifted out of a horror movie (30 Days of Night), and the result is the epitome of darkstep. Another dirt-nasty track is Optiv’s Midnight Nation. This track’s bassline has a bit more high frequency information that lends to a grittier overall feeling for the tune. The pad that washes in and out of the song imbues it with the quintessential dark vibe. Vicious Circle & Nocturnal’s contribution, Last Chance Saloon, is a harder track with a straightforward kick-snare-roll-snare drum pattern and a filter-subdued bassline. The vocal sample in this tune imparts more soul than what is conventionally found in a darker dnb tune, but the overall result is still heavy.

Other artists featured on Commercial Suicide: Compilation include Mindscape, Jade, Klute, Gridlok, Dub Phizix, Calibre, State of Mind, Nymfo, Anile, Dakosa, Amit, Menace, Trei, and Soul Intent. Klute has managed to amass an impressive amount of talent for this LP; it could be Commercial Suicide’s most comprehensive offering of dark drum’n’bass to date. Don’t sleep on this one!

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