Jul 10, 2011
Come to the Dark Side
Darth & Vader - Return of the Jedi (Original Mix) [Braslive]
Freefire - Dataloss (Darth & Vader Remix) [Houserecordings]

If there’s anything to be said about wobbly drops in electro tracks, it’s that they are unmistakably awesome when done right. Wobbles are pretty much slowed down electro hooks–something Darth & Vader realized right off the bat in their production career. Taking their nickname from everyone’s favorite Sith lord, this duo aims to send you straight into the dark side with their wicked combos.

Return of the Jedi is an original that blew my face off on the first runthrough. Aside from having loads of that polish and quality we’ve come to expect from contemporary electro artists, that four-measure dub wob is just vicious. It slams you straight back into the four-four kicks and electro licks before you even know what happened. The Dataloss remix is all about tight production and attention to detail, invoking a stop-and-start groove reminiscent of Daft Punk’s classic Face to Face. Keep an eye on their SoundCloud for more from the Darth.

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