Jun 19, 2012
Collision Of Sound
Francis Preve & The Chaotic Good - Collider (Original Mix) [Academik]

If you look at the variety of sound that Texas-based producer Francis Prève has covered in his seasoned career in dance music it is clear that the guy not only has eclectic tastes, but the skills to push all of his tastes even further with his productions. Throw LT3 favorite The Chaotic Good into the equation and it becomes quickly evident that your ears are in for something new.

The pair’s new collaboration, Collider, is the perfect late-night club beat to suck you out of reality, leaving you a befuddled (yet happy) soul on the dancefloor. I’m not surprised that this track is breaksy all over, as breakbeats are a staple of The Chaotic Good, but the techno-influenced utilization of those rhythms are where this track really shines. Pick up Collider here on Beatport.

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